Things I’ve learned about a teething baby…

– There will be much whining and crying.

– ┬áThe amount of sleep you get will decrease rapidly depending on the number of teeth and the location.

– A cold + teething 2 upper teeth is akin to a visit in Hell as far as I can imagine.

– Sanity is fleeting.

These are just a few small things I’ve picked up the last 2 weeks. My beautiful, sweet, happy little baby boy has become possessed by whatever demon bring teething pain. He’s whiny, sometimes mean, and in general unhappy. His mouth hurts. I get that. Nothing I do can make it right. The only thing that will make it right is for the teeth to finish their torturous arrival. But man, oh man, I am tired. I am wavering on some precipice of sanity that alters day by day. Those new teeth sure are cute though!

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