Reflections in the Georgia Mountains

Living in the suburbs to the north of Atlanta, we are really not that far from the North Georgia Mountains and the various state parks that are peppered through them. We took an afternoon in early October and went to Lake Winfield Scott in Suches, GA which is just outside of Dahlonega. This is a beautiful and scenic spot. We stretched out a blanket with our little man and snacked on some delightful confections from the chocolate shop in Dahlonega. I somehow managed to focus my camera on something other than the amazing cuteness that was my son that afternoon.


I was drawn to the changing colors of the leaves on the trees and wanted a closer look. As I was focusing I realized just how awesome the reflections beyond were in contrast.


I love the way the light was filtering through the trees here.


I enjoyed watching people take in the beauty of ¬†God’s creations from the path across the water. The reflections on the calm waters were quite pretty here.


You can see the clear and magnificent blue skies in the reflections in this shot. It was such a glorious day in early fall.


Last one… and my favorite. Reflections and Light. Mountains and water. Tranquility in nature. Ahhh.

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