Potty training is not for the weak…

Okay, we’ve reached that time in our lives… the time when we become consumed by pee and poop. No, I haven’t discovered a new fetish (thank goodness!), but it’s time for my two and a half year old son to stop using a diaper. The diaper thing isn’t working for any of us anymore. He cries when it’s dirty. I cry when I have to change it. Hubby cries when he has to smell it.

We’ve tried the Pull-ups- he just considers them a less cumbersome diaper. We’ve dragged him kicking and screaming to “try” going potty after a long session of playing. He’ll go, but the screaming and kicking and sheer amount of whiny brattiness is enough to make them fit me for my own “hug-myself” jacket.

He goes potty when he’s there. He’ll pee, he’ll poop. He’s never used a kiddie potty- thank all things Holy, because I think cleaning that might be worse than the diapers. His biggest issue is getting distracted. If he’s playing or watching TV or basically anything we do at home, he doesn’t even think about it. Now put us in the grocery store with a cart full of food, or in a restaurant right about the time my food arrives, and he’s a rockstar!

Enter the Potty Watch.


Ethan is very regimented about some things. He likes certain things to match up. When one things happens, it’s automatically connected to the result and we hear about it forever. He also LOVES wearing a watch. I’m strolling through the baby store with my cart full of must have potty training aids (amazon links included)- training pants, vinyl covers, flush-able wipes, fold-able potty seat when the nice lady asked if I was finding what I needed. I figured she might have some input since she works in a super big baby store and maybe she could help. I was determined to get this ball rolling and get out of the diaper changing doldrums.

She says “Have you heard of the potty watch?” and explained it. A bell dinged in my mind. Yep, gotta have it. He LOVES it. When it goes off he heads to the potty- or starts whining incessantly to go to the potty, depending on where we are. It’s fabulous! The only issue is getting the timing right. We started at 30 minutes which was just too often for him. We went to 60 minutes which was not a good fit either. We settled on 45 minutes, and like Goldilocks, it was just right.

He still has to learn to go when the watch doesn’t tell him to… but I’ve actually got him in a some nice Spiderman underwear today with no padding. I figure 1 or 2 accidents should sufficiently traumatize his super clean self and make him go when he has to go. It’s worth a shot anyway.

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