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I mentioned in a recent post that I had decided to partner with Rodan + Fields as an independent consultant. First, let me just say that the warm welcome and help I’ve received in this first week has been fantastic. Second, I’d like to say that the results clients are seeing from these products are amazing.

I promise I won’t go into spiels about business opportunities¬†often. But I’m excited about this opportunity and when I’m excited, I like to share. I’m excited because I have a whole bunch of castoff wasted product in boxes from all the brands that promised something and I didn’t see results with. Seriously, thousands of wasted dollars. I’ll share a few pictures later in this post of actual results from actual people that I can actually talk to… whoa! Who’da thunk it, right?

So, coming back to why I decided to write this post- I’ve done some thinking about the whole “Network Marketing” platform. “MLM” if you wish. Here’s what I’ve determined.

In a typical company you have a President/CEO, or head. Then you have VPs or other key leaders. Then you have directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, right down to the lowly sales rep. Kind of a pyramid, no? And how are they compensated? On performance of everyone below them. So what I’ve figured out is that modern Network Marketing based companies are no different than the regular business, except in perception. Old schoolers remember the Ponzi style MLMs where no one made real money but the top guy and he was using everyone else’s money to pay everyone else. That perception has been passed from the older folks to younger folks so much that the idea of a company like Amway or Avon or Mary Kay just makes people smirk.

Modern network marketed companies are really more like manufacturers sales reps. They sell the product that someone else creates and produces. They carry no stock themselves (or rarely). They sell the brand. They sell the products. And they sell the job. The difference is they’re doing to direct to consumers rather than through yet another middle man who would then sell to the consumer. Convoluted, but accurate, I think.

Now I’m not saying that some of these “opportunities” aren’t crapola to invest time and energy in. Not every brand is meant to be marketed quite this way. There are a few that are built for it and are realizing far greater sales than they ever would in traditional venues where their product would have been peddled by the aforementioned manufacturers representative to the sales venue. So instead of paying a company to market, they pay individuals. Whoa. Interesting concept. Companies helping many attain wealth by promoting their brand directly to consumers.

Some examples of companies that I know first hand to build significant income for independent consultants are Advocare, Rodan + Fields, Avon, and Mary Kay. Those companies have shown (through people I know personally) that if you apply yourself to the prospect of a serious career selling their merchandise directly to the end user, you can make a really lucrative income. The direct to consumer business model is incredibly lucrative for the company that provides the goods and services, but in turn they are willing to share that wealth with those that are bringing them the clients. Amazing.

I just wanted to toss that out there. That there might be another side than the cringe worthy part where some company gets you to hard sell recruit everyone you know repeatedly until they’re sick of you and afraid to speak to you anymore. You know, like I used to do when cold calling customers for the “legitimate” worldwide sales organization I used to work for. You become a pro at leaving voicemails… let me tell ya.


So a little about my new business partner. Rodan + Fields are the doctors behind ProActiv. It’s a household name for many reasons. A reason greater than the infomercial segment is that it works. Imagine, doctors creating treatments patients/consumers can use at home, outside of big drug company costs and marketing budgets, that offer results that nothing else touches. Without a prescription.

Now imagine those same doctors, after the success of their first business venture, created a whole line of products to help combat the signs of skin damage and aging. Again, without a prescription. Or scalpels. Or lasers. Or any office visit. No co-pays. No deductibles. No procedures. Just a few minutes day or night to take care of your skin and reverse fine lines, discoloration, and irritation. Things often treated by expensive prescriptions. And every product has a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee. What kind of dream world is this!?

It’s not cheap, though it is cheaper than surgery or doctor procedures. It takes a little work. You actually have to apply the products in the order they are labeled for. Then you have amazing, younger looking and feeling skin.¬†Seriously, though, I’ll just leave some pictures behind.

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If you’re interested in information about Rodan + Fields products or opportunities, let me know. If you need a contact with one of the other companies I mentioned, I can put you in touch with people there, too. While I’d love for you to become my client, this post was really about my excitement and my revelations regarding the nature of network marketing companies. If I’ve inspired you, go me! I’ve definitely inspired me.

Thanks y’all!


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