It’s finally FALL!!!


I had to turn the heat on this morning. As I left this morning to take the toddler to school, there was frost on my windows and on the grass. It will be 80 degrees today. It’s fall, y’all! Yes, I know, pumpkin everything has been out for weeks, but here in Georgia, it doesn’t FEEL like fall until you’re running the heat in the morning and the A/C at night. It’s time to dress in layers… that sweater of the morning will have you a sweaty mess before afternoon. Don’t go packing away all the shorts and tanks yet, though… We’ve seen 80 degrees on Turkey Day many times.

So as I sit and crochet items to put in my lifewithmommy Etsy store and work on adding Christmas and winter cards and invitations to my WrittenSimply Etsy store, I’m not really feeling it. It’s only a little over 2 months until Christmas. I know I need to get stuff done, but how can I be excited about spitting out hats and scarves and such when it’s 80 degrees? Until this morning it didn’t FEEL like fall. Thank the Good Lord that the morning dew became frost so I can get some boogie in my butt to get this stuff done!

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