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Ethan has no real idea about Halloween or dressing up. His version of dressing up is stealing my flip flops or hats and wandering through the house with them. The past 2 Halloweens, I picked his costumes out based on things he liked and all worked well. Now we are 2.

Let me clarify- while I know HE is 2, since I am living in this fun-house of 2 year old drama, I claim it as well. So anyway, now we are 2. This in and of itself is a crazy enough time. Add in trying to get a clueless 2 year old to add input other than “no, I don’t like that” when searching for a costume and mommy starts to get that glazed eyed look you see with the mentally insane.

In the last 2 weeks or so he has discovered Spiderman. At first, I worried about it being a bit old for his age, but I watched a few episodes and there was nothing inherently wrong with the cartoon. Since every other time I turn on the TV he whispers in his manly 2 year old voice “Spiderman!”, I have given in. He’s now watching super heroes.

This brings us back to the current search for a costume. Apparently 10 days before Halloween is not the best time to finally decide what your child will willingly wear. I went to the consignment store… it was not pretty. There were bits and pieces of costumes, but unless your child is 6 months old, that was definitely not the place. I managed to escape only spending $25 on miscellaneous clothes. It’s a big day when that happens. I also got a chuckle at the fact the parking lot looked like a minivan convention.

2014-10-21 10.02.24

My next stop was Target. It was in the same parking lot, and I’m all about combining trips. Surely, there would be a Spiderman costume available at Target.  No such luck. I found almost every size except 3T. I did find what was once a costume set in 3T, but someone made off with the pants. Drats! I did find some Thomas Train pull-ups, though. Go me!

As I’m driving up the road heading in the direction of Wally World (shoot me please), I remember there’s a Party City tucked into a shopping center on the way and right down the road from my scheduled final destination- Aldi. I’ll tell you more about them in another post.

I’m not sure how this Party City remains open. There are rarely people there when I drop by for whatever, and apparently they had not been slammed for the Halloween rush yet. The costume aisle was mostly empty, save 2 moms with toddlers. It must be a thing. So anyway, I managed to find muscle shirt Spiderman set in a size 3T.


And miracle of miracles, he was excited when he saw it and loves the idea of pretending to be Spiderman for a couple of days. Thank you, Lord, for yet another blessing and the saving of the remainder of my sanity.

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