Back in the saddle…


For the first time since late 2010, I decided to have a table/booth at the Winter Carnival at my sons preschool. As some of you know, we used to have a retail store selling hand crafted (by me) soaps, candles, bath and body products, etc. When we closed the store, I simply stopped. Stopped selling, stopped crafting, stopped doing what I enjoy. Since then, I’ve had a son, moved twice, and had so many life changes that I didn’t feel the lapse as I might have otherwise.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I took a hit emotionally that I’d somehow managed to bury when we were forced to give up our hard earned  dream and go home. I guess more than my finances took a punch at that point. My confidence did, too. Why wasn’t what I made good enough? Did I let my husband, family, friends down by not coming through? Did I let God down by not being a proper steward of his provisions?

The true villain in our disastrous business failure was the tanking of the economy. We held on until we couldn’t. Unfortunately, when most of the locals are struggling with putting gas in their cars and food in their bellies in the same week, custom soaps and candles weren’t on the menu. Even with all that’s happened, we have so many blessings that it’s hard to complain. I have a beautiful son, a husband who loves me, a God who never fails me though I fail him daily, and a nice home, and wonderful extended family.

For the last 3 years, we’ve stubbornly held on to enough raw materials, candles, soaps, etc., that when asked if we wanted to do a booth at the carnival, I figured it’d be a good way to get my toes in the water again. And it was. We managed to make a little money out of it. Most importantly, though, was the opportunity to help the school. Second, I’d have to say that having some of my customers from our original storefront come over and purchase goods, and tell me how much they loved our products and how much they missed us really soothed my soul. It was a salve to wounds I thought had healed long ago. And it was the push I needed to start doing a little of the crafting I love again. I’d say that’s a pretty amazing day.

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