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Hi! I’m Nenna… I’m a Christian, wife, mother, foster mother, graphic designer, woodworker, love to cook, and love to DIY. So here’s a little about me…

I’m married to an amazing man. He’s quite a bit my senior, but that’s neither here nor there. We live just a couple miles from the beach in Long Beach, MS. My husband and I have been together 14 years and just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. He’s a hard-working man, who works super hard so that I have the opportunity to be at home with our son and go to school. To me, that’s a phenomenal gift that I thank God for every day.

I’m mother to Ethan. He’s my partner in crime most days from the time I wake until the time I go to sleep at night. He’s 5. Ethan is a true blessing from God. Even with all the ups and downs that go with being a growing boy, he makes me smile every day. He brings us joy and he makes all the battles we face in this world completely worth it. We also foster children and try to offer them stability and love as their parents work through their difficulties. We are hoping to adopt through foster care next year.

He’s pretty adorable, huh? Now he wants brothers and sisters. And that’s good. Building a family is amazing. Praise God. So now we’re going to start the process for foster adoption. Keep us in your prayers!

I make custom shirts, decals, and hand painted wood signs. I refinish or paint furniture. I build farmhouse style furniture pieces. A little here, a little there. When we made the decision to build a family, we also made the decision that I would remain at home with our child(ren) rather than continuing to look for work outside the home and paying the majority of my earnings to childcare until they are in school. Thus, I decided to freelance from home while going to school to earn a degree. It works pretty well… I get to be creative, sell my work on Etsy and the like, and have a blast raising kids and making our home.

I bake bread. I love to cook. I’ve learned to knit and crochet. I’m really enjoying crochet work. I like to paint and draw. I enjoy writing. And I like to share tips, tricks, and how-to’s. I’m a huge supporter of organic and GMO free foods. And here, a blog was born. Welcome. I hope you’ll enjoy it.┬áIf you’ve got tips and tricks or how-to’s you want to share, contact me about being a guest contributor. I’d love to hear from you!

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